Do tattoos hurt?

Yes, but most places on the body are bearable but it all depends on where the tattoo is going.


Are tattoos permanent?

Yes, they are permanent. They do need care however if you want them to stay looking nice and vibrant. 50spf sunscreen a must whenever you go in the sun. Tattoos over time do fade and certain colors fade fast than others. Areas that rub against each other or places that clothing ride can cause color to fade or fall out too. Touch ups are highly recommended and every artist, including Cast Iron Tattoo, offers free touch ups on natural caused fading.


How do I make an appointment?

Contact the shop either email at, or call 503-432-5032 or use the contact us message on the main page. We will talk you through what you are looking for in a tattoo and once that is hammered out, we can set up an appointment.


Do you take walk-ins?

Walk-ins are always welcome!


Do you tattoo minors?

Please see the Tattoo for Minors page.


How much do you charge?

Every person’s skin is different and so is every tattoo. We charge $90 an hour, with a minimum of $65, and ask for a $50 deposit on all tattoo before any drawings will start on custom work. We do have small selection of pre-priced flash art available in the shop.


Can I bring in my own artwork?

Absolutely! We love to see other peoples art but please be aware that just because its artwork doesn’t always mean it will work as a tattoo. Things need to be large enough for the artist to tattoo it and it not disappear when the ink inevitable begins to widen with age. The artist will work with you on a design that incorporates your design with something that can work as a tattoo and something that you will love.


What if I don’t know what I want?

That’s okay, we will try to narrow down some idea of something that you will like. My advice is to always start on Google and Pinterest, and just type in things you like, flowers, books, movies, cats, pigs, deer, etc. then add tattoo or drawing after it. You would be amazed at the ideas that come up. Save the ones you love to you phone and send them to your artist, telling them what you love about it. This is really does help to narrow down the right idea for you.


Do you accept tips?

Of course!   Tattooing is a rigorous service and we would happily accept tips.




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